Celebrating Thanksgiving at MSNH & Lotus

One of the great traditions at MSNH and Lotus is the Thanksgiving celebration. It dates back to the very first year of the school, when there was only one class and less than ten students. Thanksgiving, like many other holidays and traditions, is a time to celebrate and spend time with family. The students, teachers, and parents at MSNH and Lotus have always been like one big family, and in this sense, we gather together to celebrate one of this nation’s most important holidays. Over the years, the celebration has changed and evolved, but it was always about the school community.

Each class has always helped to prepare a dish for the event, with children taking an active role in the cooking.  There has been a multitude of performances at the Thanksgiving celebration throughout the years, including reading about the first Thanksgiving, dressing in Pilgrim and Native American costumes, singing Thanksgiving songs, performing plays about Thanksgiving, and of course giving thanks.

The teachers and students all pitch in, but the hard work is thanks to Dr. Naghibzadeh, Mr. Balouch, and Mr. Talebnia, who create a feast that Martha Stewart would envy.

In addition to all of this wonderful food, we are fortunate to share in the festivities with many fantastic parents. It is quite an undertaking feeding two entire schools, and we are so thankful that many parents share their time with us, helping to make this such a magnificent event each year!